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In our shop you will find a large, selected variety of musical instruments on two floors. Whether classical instruments such as guitars, violins and wind instruments or sound instruments such as Tibetian singing bowls, gongs, and sound chimes as well as currently trending instruments such as ukuleles, blues harps, handpans, or cajons. Below, you see a small choice of our assortment.

String Instruments

One of our main focuses are guitars, ukuleles, and bowed instruments. Whether electric or Western guitars or violins in various sizes – everything can be tried out and tested at your leisure. Before we offer any instrument for sale, each and every one is professionally fine-tuned by us. Therefore, you are guaranteed to always hold a well-adjusted instrument in your hands.

Wind Instruments

In our section of wind instruments, you will find recorders, flutes, clarinets, saxophones, and trumpets. Especially for beginners, we are keen to always have an interesting selection available.

Sound Instruments

Another focus of our assortment has long been sound instruments for therapeutic and private use. Our singing bowls, cymbals and gongs are personally selected by ourselves on site at special wholesalers, so we have optimal sound quality on stock for you. In our store, we have many music-therapeutic instruments on display, such as monochords, sound chairs, slit drums and lots of others.


We offer percussion for various music styles, from wooden shakers to modern handpans – come by and get inspired by our assortment!